Bread & Roses Update 11/1/23:

Thank you all who came out for our Patchwork concert this summer. We had a wonderful time performing for you (with our guests the Conley Trio!), raising money through donations, and our quilt raffle, for Federated Preschool, and saying farewell to our director of nearly 30 years, Peggy Safford.

As we move forward into this 2023-2024 season, we will not be holding a fall/winter concert , but will instead use our talents to entertain our local nursing home communities for the holidays. We are in a time of transition, which includes trying to attain our non-profit status, finding a new director, and retaining/growing membership. We are actively working with someone on our 503-C process, but if you have any ideas or could provide any assistance on finding a new director, or would like to join our group during this exciting new phase of our existence, please reach out on our contact form!

We will update again when have more information on a spring concert. Stay tuned!