Bread & Roses




Revised June, 2018




The name of the Association shall be Bread & Roses.




Section 1. Bread & Roses shall be governed by these Bylaws as amended periodically as provided herein.

Section 2. Bread & Roses shall have purposes and engage in activities consistent with its status as a charitable and educational organization as defined in Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue code of 1954.




Section 1. The goals and objectives of Bread & Roses shall be as stated in the mission statement.

Section 2. Mission Statement:  The members of Bread & Roses are devoted to developing and enjoying musical skills, sharing them with each other and the community, and providing a community of women who deliver messages of peace and justice, protection of our fragile environment, and diversity and acceptance for all.

The mission is accomplished by:

·         Weekly rehearsals

·         Retreats for musical development and camaraderie

·         Concert performances

·         Performances for non-profit charitable organizations

·         Benefit performances

·         Other performances approved by the membership




Section 1.  An active member is a woman who regularly attends rehearsal and pays membership dues.  However, no woman shall be denied membership because of an inability to pay dues. The director is considered an active member exempt from annual dues.

Section 2.  An inactive member is one who maintains her connection to the group but is not currently singing with Bread & Roses or paying membership dues.

Section 3.  Members must be at least 18 years of age or have written consent from parent or guardian in order to participate.




The organizational structure of Bread & Roses shall include the following:

a.     Director (appointed by the membership): Conducts rehearsals, directs group in performances, organizes/formats concert program, decides play-list order, stores music not currently in use, circulates attendance sheet.  The Director sits on the Steering, Music and Concert Committees.

b.    Assistant Director(s) (ad hoc position appointed by the Director in consultation with the membership): Conducts rehearsals when the Director is unavailable, serves as Director for specific pre-determined pieces.

c.     Treasurer (appointed by the membership): Maintains bank account, is responsible for financial transactions including collection of dues and levys, distributes reports to the membership at least quarterly on current financial status.

d.    Archivist (appointed by membership): Collects and maintains historical artifacts related to Bread & Roses.

e.    Standing Committees: Each member is expected to serve on at least one committee or contribute in kind.  Permanent standing committees include Steering, Concert, Membership, Music, and Public Relations (Publicity). Other committees may be established with the approval of the membership. Steering Committee members serve two-year terms with half the Committee being appointed in odd-numbered years and half in even-numbered years.  Other committee members serve one-year terms and there are no term limits.

Treasurer             Jan
Archivist             Pat
Webmistress           Jenny
  • The Steering Committee consists of the Director and four other members. It oversees the attendance/performance policies and procedures; addresses members’ concerns regarding Bread & Roses; screens proposals/requests for performances; sets agenda and facilitates the annual organizational meeting includingcommittee assignments; conducts other group meetings; reviews the Bylaws as needed; updates Bylaws with membership approval.

  • The Membership Committee consists of at least one representative from each vocal section. It encourages membership; creates a welcoming environment for potential and new members; distributes general information folders to prospective members; integrates potential/new members into the appropriate vocal section, including music distribution; maintains and distributes the membership directory.

  • The Music Committee consists of the Director and at least one representative from each vocal section. It suggests performance music; reviews lyrics for appropriateness; reviews music for proper range and difficulty level; assists in obtaining music and requesting permission to perform pieces, if required; assists in planning concert programs; holds auditions for ensembles and/or solos.

  • The Concert Committee consists of the Director and at least four other members. It contracts venues for performances; serves as liaison with beneficiaries; serves as liaison with outside groups or individuals who may perform with Bread & Roses; arranges for support equipment (risers, piano, sound equipment, etc.); develops and reproduces printed concert programs; collaborates with Public Relations Committee for concert publicity; arranges for recording of concerts; arranges receptions.

  • The Public Relations Committee consists of a webmaster and at least two other members. It maintains and updates the website with current information about Bread & Roses and upcoming performances; creates a network of resources for publicity; collaborates with the Concert Committee for concert publicity; writes and distributes press releases to promote membership; writes and distributes press releases and posters to promote upcoming performances; updates and maintains mailing list; creates and arrange for postcards and e-mails to be sent to those on the mailing list, updates publicity brochure.




Section 1. Bread & Roses shall be governed by the membership of the organization, which shall act within the framework of these Bylaws. Only active members, as defined in Article IV, Section 1, may participate in decision-making.  The group shall make decisions by consensus which is characterized by a general agreement of the active members present.

Section 2. 

a.     The official organizational meeting shall be held annually between April 1 and June 30.  At that meeting, changes in member roles and committee membership shall be approved, dues collected, goals and schedules set, activities reported, and proposals discussed.

b.    The operating year begins July 1. 

Section 3. In the event of committee vacancies, a slate of names shall be submitted to the membership for approval or volunteers will be solicited to fill vacant positions.




Section 1. Bread & Roses receives its operating income from dues as approved by the membership, donations, and concert proceeds, where ticket costs are explicitly stated to include operating costs. Such income must be consistent with the status as a nonprofit, tax-exempt corporation.

Section 2.  The preparation and administration of the Bread & Roses budget is primarily the responsibility of the Treasurer, in consultation with the Director and the Steering Committee.




Section 1. Changes in the bylaws may be proposed to the membership by any member. 

Section 2. Notice of proposed changes shall be given to the membership at least 30 days prior to any consideration for adoption.

Section 3. Bylaws changes must be approved by a consensus of the membership.



Section 1. In event of dissolution of Bread & Roses, distribution of assets shall be determined by the active membership