Spring Concert is early this year!

Hi everyone,  we wanted to make sure you got us on your calendar for March 18, 2018 We are holding our spring concert a little early this year to accommodate time for us to prepare for the Sister Singers Festival in June.  This performance will, once again, be a benefit to ourselves.  We hope to raise as close to the total funds needed to cover the cost of each choir member’s registration, housing, food, etc.

It’s a 4-day conference with key note speakers/performers Moira Smiley and Yseye Barnwell!   There will be workshops on a variety of topics usually ranging from performance technique to the business end of keeping a chorus going.  Individual choruses will perform – Bread & Roses will perform on Friday night – and (since there are so many singers participating) all attendees will be divided into TWO mass choirs (we are in Agate Chorus).  Each Mass Chorus will be given different music to rehearse ahead of time, then once we’re together in Grand Rapids we’ll need to rehearse with the other women from across the nation assigned to our particular Mass Chorus.

We are so excited and fortunate to be able to participate in this experience again, and with your help, every member that wishes to attend, can.  We appreciate everyone who comes out to support us and our messages of tolerance, peace and love of music.   It will be Women’s History month, so of course there will be many “women” themed pieces 🙂  We hope you come out and enjoy the show – Sunday, March 18, 3:00pm at Westminster Presbyterian Church.  See you then!