What an experience!

What a great time we had in Grand Rapids!  Thanks again for supporting us and making it possible for us to represent Bread & Roses at the SSN Festival last week.  We attended 6 – 2 hour concerts over 3 days, made up of 30 min performance sets for 20 choruses !!   We attended workshops on various topics- including: Improving your music reading through body movement, Learning about differences between Afro and Euro-Centric music origins/styles/purposes, Learning how to better archive music,  Discussing the importance of our accompanists,  Discussing sensitivity and inclusivity of all kinds – in our choruses, and many more.  We had a great time listening to and singing with the culturally diverse sounds of Moira Smiley and VOCO.  We had the privilege of being educated, and led in song by Dr. Ysaye Barnwell.  Many of us were able to brave the heat and crowds Saturday to participate in singing for (and some stayed for) the Families Together rally in Rosa Parks Circle on Saturday.  It was a wonderful sense of community, belonging, kindness and strength as we met all kinds of wonderful women all sharing a common interest and purpose, and connecting with each other in our own chorus in a different way than we are usually able – only seeing each other primarily during our rehearsal time.