[2nd Draft] Bread & Roses Members’ Covenant

Revised August 30, 2013

As members of Bread & Roses, we affirm our commitment to the group, to the music- making process, and to one another.  We recognize that each member makes a unique contribution to the group and that when one of us is missing, the group as a whole is diminished.


We therefore agree to support the group, and one another, in the following ways:

1.  Arriving on time to rehearsal so we are ready to begin singing promptly at 5:45.

2.  Attending rehearsals regularly to facilitate the music-making process for everyone.

3.  Minimizing conversation during rehearsal time and avoiding side conversations when the director is speaking.

4. Personally notifying the director of all absences by:

  • Marking planned absences on the attendance sheet circulated at rehearsals,
  • For unexpected absences, contacting the director personally via email at:  prior to that Sunday,  OR on that Sunday phoning the director before 4:00 pm at: 815-895-5547.

5.  Consulting with the director if we miss a third or more of the rehearsals to determine if we should withdraw from a particular performance, recognizing that each person’s absences can affect the sound of the group as a whole.

6.  Taking personal responsibility for learning all music in a timely fashion by:

  • Attending rehearsals regularly
  • Making up any missed rehearsals by reviewing the Rehearsal Notes emailed each week and any recordings as needed
  • Paying attention to the milestone date that Peggy will announce for each song; after that date, we will not be rehearsing notes during the rehearsal time, but will be focusing solely on such issues as dynamics, blend, attack, etc.
  • Contacting the appropriate section leader for assistance when needed:

First Soprano Section Leader: Beth Schewe, 815-687-6275,

Second Soprano Section Leader: Pat Vary, 815-787-2502,

First Alto Section Leader: TBA

Second Alto Section Leader: Pam Birch, 630-443-6216,

7.  Assisting with each concert through publicity, set up, and/or clean up.

8.   Respecting each other’s individual differences and perspectives.

9.   Supporting one another with our words and actions.

10.  Encouraging new members who share our mission to join the group and providing a welcoming atmosphere for those who are new.