About Us

Our Group

Bread & Roses is a diverse group of (at any given time) between 15 and  26 women of varying ages, from various backgrounds.  Bread & Roses is based in DeKalb, but members travel from many surrounding areas within about a 35 mile radius.   It’s true, we’re a collection of very different individuals, but we come together every Sunday night because we share a love of music and singing, and we love to share our talents with anyone who will listen (even if it’s only each other

Our Director

Well, we all lead each other, in one way or another! However, mere words can not describe how much we owe to our fearless director Peggy Safford and how much she means to us.  A founding member of our group, Peggy spends many waking (and sleeping) hours on Bread & Roses.  She voluntarily comes to rehearsal every Sunday and waves her arms around and somehow transforms our rag-tag bunch of ladies into a tight, harmonious women’s chorus.  Peggy heads our music committee who selects the songs we will sing (among other things).  She also takes artistic license with many songs by transposing, re-arranging and compiling them so that we can actually sing them!  Peggy encourages us when we’ve “almost got it,” and boy she lets us know when we don’t.  She’s a wonderful director, mother (to one of our members  ) and friend  whom we could not do without.

** In 2007 Peggy was awarded the title of “Woman of Achievement.”  Congratulations!!