Patty Rieman reads for "Womanspirit Rising" "Joggin' Shoes" Lynn Fisher McCanne on piano Singing "Bread & Roses" with Alumni! Pat Vary, Sharon McKee and Ruth Cavannaugh play on "Memories of You" Kathy Clark turning pages and Jan Vander Meer accompanying on piano for "Hallelujah" "Bring Me Little Water Silvy" Jen Jencks Conley and Jan Knudsen play on "Memories of You" "Bring Me Little Water Silvy" Our promotional and historical displays Kathy Clark reads between songs Presentation to Toni Tollerud who directed and mentored us when we were in our infancy as a chorus Presentation to Linda Slabon, organizer of the Women's Choral Festival in DeKalb 20 years ago, which caused us to want to continue singing together One of our beautiful cakes! Group shot with guest conductor Toni Tollerud Presentation on JAMS by Teresa Wasonga, and Dianna Swanson Teresa Wasonga, co-founder of JAMS
Photos Courtesy of Bill Pokorny