Grand Rapids 2018

We are so excited to be attending the 2018 SSN Festival in Grand Rapids, MI.  The festival will run from June 27 to July 1 of that year.  Most of our members try to attend as many days as possible.  The first day usually incorporates welcome festivities and a kick-off concert by a guest performer.  Then, over the next several days, participants attend workshops, and rehearsals.  Past workshop topics have included: Director/chorus management, music copy-rights, proper singing technique, and even large group drumming circles.  Rehearsals are for each participating choir to practice for their “set” during the final two evenings of the festival, and for the mass choirs to rehearse for their performances – also during those final two nights.  Any choir or individual woman who signs up to sing in a mass choir receives the scores ahead of time to learn notes, so they are ready to rehearse “as one” come festival time.  The culminating evenings of performances by individual choirs, and mass choirs is just breathtaking!  We are women’s choirs, singing primarily to women’s choirs – which is such a supportive, encouraging environment.  Tickets to the final concerts are available to the general public, however, and we’ve found even a diverse audience to thoroughly enjoy themselves.  The entire week is energizing, engaging, and reaffirming for each of us as individuals, and together as a choral unit.

Bread & Roses will be looking to do some fundraising to help us get to, and stay in Grand Rapids.  There are housing and meal plans made available for these festivals (like dorm rooms and cafeterias – if the festival is in a college town), but it’s not free.  We will most likely hold one of our two concerts next year as a benefit to ourselves to defray some of the cost to our members, but we are thinking of alternative solutions as well.

Thank you to all who helped us get to Champaign-Urbana in 2014, and thanks to all who may be able to help us in the future.